Is it real or is it Memorex?

Back before digital Memorex ran a commercial asking the audience, “Is it live or is it Memorex?”

I have found that when instrumentalists are warming up for a concert is a great time to make photos.  The look is the same for the most part, but you can get closer to the subject with the camera.

Some of the photos bellow are from the actual concert and others are from the time warming up, can you tell the difference?

Student stands up during his solo

I like showing a perspective to put the musicians in context
It is important to keep your eye on the conductor and look for his tempo
Conductors use all their bodies to communicate what they want from the musicians.  Here the conductor uses his face expressions in addition to his hands.
Not everything has to be about them playing.  The conductor letting the audience know something is just as important.
OK you can tell this wasn’t during the performance, but I like it because it communicates that music is fun.
Get close and show the intensity of the musicians.
Use the background to help complement the foreground.

Next time you are at event, especially for your children, don’t wait to take pictures when they start to perform.  Take photos of them warming up.  Be sure you don’t wait till the end, because they all leave right away.

Want better photos then start early.