Actors Gotta Act

I think the best tips I have for getting your headshot is to take some tips from singers.

  1. Yawn-sigh Technique. For this quick vocal exercise, simply yawn (take in air) with your mouth closed. …
  2. Humming warmupS. …
  3. Vocal Straw Exercise. …
  4. Lip buzz Vocal warmup. …
  5. Tongue trill exercise. …
  6. Jaw Loosening ExerciseS. …
  7. Two-octave pitch glide WarmUp. …
  8. Vocal Sirens Exercise.
  9. Vocal Slides Technique

You see singers are stretching their vocal cords. In a way they are actually calibrating their voices.

A few years ago I thought while photographing some actors, wouldn’t they love to just perform. That was when I was just trying to get them to enjoy themselves. I accidentally discovered that after they have been going through different type of characters the expressions that follow are more relaxed and engaging.

Have fun in your headshot session. Keep the lighting simple and spend all the time getting a variety of expressions.

Most of the time when we an actor comes to me for their headshot they are a little reluctant at first.

photo by Dorie Griggs

This past Saturday I setup a studio in the lobby at Riverside Theatre Complex – Columbus State University.

My daughter, Chelle Leary, is a student in the Theatre program at Columbus State University and was helping me. She would help coach some of the actors by asking them to imitate professors and students in the program. Ronald Walker was getting into the roles once he had some ideas to play with.

Ronald Walker

After playing with some characters I would just get a few natural moments and then move onto another character. I continued to shoot these so they can later use them for fun with Social Media.

I think the actors love seeing the results of the different characters they created.

photo by Dorie Griggs
Gabrielle Solomon

I like to think of taking these variety of expressions is a way of calibrating the face. You need to push or stretch beyond the best expression for any mood you are trying to achieve to make the one that is dialed back just a little look natural.

Here are some more tips for you in a downloadable PDF

Now fully vaccinated I am ready to take on clients once again. Call me and lets setup a portrait session for you.