Do What You Do Best, Then Hire Someone To Do The Rest. Here’s How

Photo by Dorie Griggs

What gifts do you have that others would benefit from right now? I am not a cook. I am not a medical provider. I am a storyteller.

I know that most people could use help telling their stories. I also know that seeing is believing.

I am setting my camera on a slider for the video shoot. Photo by Dorie Griggs

The first thing I lead with on my stories is how these restaurants are solving the audiences problem. That problem is cooking meals at home. There is a point for most people these days that they could use a break.

The second thing most people are interested in is how they can get some of their favorite restaurants food during this crisis, since they cannot go the the restaurant and dine-in.

photo by Dorie Griggs

One of my good friends Greg Thompson talked about him being taught the lesson of do what you are good at and let others do what they are good at on a mission trip.

While in another country the team he was working with were doing some construction. Up on the hill watching them were what they learned were the local construction guys who could use the work. They took up money and paid the guys to work and Greg then did what he was best at doing and that was taking photos.

photo by Dorie Griggs

I am sure you have been in Greg’s shoes as well. I know many of my friends talk about how they tried to save money only to have to call the experts sooner or later to do it right.

Two things I hope this time of crisis is teaching all of us. First know what you are good at doing and help others using those gifts of yours. Second, hire those experts who do it better than you whenever possible.

It is together we do community. While we all need to practice social distancing we can still call and connect with our neighbors.