EasyCover–The Otterbox for your Nikon D750

My EasyCover for my Nikon D750 came in yesterday. I wrote about buying these earlier for the Nikon D4 camera. [Read More] Most of the pros I know would wish they would make a model that covers the camera name and model.

While many amateurs may want to show off their gear, most pros are trying to do just the opposite.


The basic reason I recommend this to you is the same reason I would recommend you have a Otterbox for your cell phone. The Otterbox promotes itself as surrounding your phone with a cushion of air and inspired by the crumple zone of a car, this case can take a hit and keep your precious phone as good as the day you got it.

The EasyCover comes with 2 x Screen Protectors. I didn’t put these on right away and most likely will.

As you can see from the photos you still have access to everything including the ability to move the screen. The Custom-Fit Silicone Material provides a great cushion from minor bumps.

You can still get to the memory cards.

You can also use your microphone, headphone, HDMI and USB access.

You can still get to the battery very easily.

The main difference between this and say an Otterbox is they cannot completely cover the camera due to so many access points. So, some of these are still exposed to dings.

You still have access to your flash as well.

It comes in either Black, Yellow or Camouflage.