Importance of signature in emails

Most email programs let you create a signature that by default will put all the basic information people need to stay in touch with you at the bottom of the email.

Important content for a signature:

  • Include your name, role and business name
  • Include a few of your best contact details, but not all of them
  • Small images and logos work best
  • Promote your social media pages
Common Mistakes
  • Make the entire signature a photo—Some email providers or devices have default settings that block images in emails. Use text for all the words.
  • Too Big or Too Small—make clickable areas big enough for a thumb on a mobile device. Don’t make things so big they are not easily visible on the mobile device.
  • Too much information—Don’t list all your phone numbers, email addresses and every way possible to reach you. Keep it simple.
What is great is you can create a bunch of different signatures that can be customized to the audience you are corresponding. I customize the photos at the bottom of my signature.
Here are some I use and have used through the years:

The photos at the bottom of your signature is a small portfolio that gets your work in front of more people. Remember many people will forward those emails around their office sometimes and having your work seen by more people is advantageous to you in the long run.

Here are the links for instructions for creating an email signature: