“Gone with the Wind” –75th Anniversary

There are a lot of events in the Atlanta area to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the book Gone with the Wind.

If you’re in or around the city, consider these venues:

— The exhibit Atlanta’s Book: The Lost Gone With the Wind Manuscript (June 4-Sept. 5) at the Atlanta History Center features the final four chapters of Mitchell’s recently rediscovered manuscript (once thought to have been burned by her husband after her death). The exhibit also features the first-ever public display of Mitchell’s writing desk.

Margaret Mitchell House tours showcase the Crescent Avenue apartment (which she affectionately called “The Dump”) and feature exhibits on Mitchell’s pre- and post-GWTW life, along with details on the making of the movie.
Other GWTW-related doings in Georgia:

Marietta Gone With The Wind Museum: Scarlett on the Square, June 10-11, will stage a tribute to Mitchell with several cast members from the movie, along with question and answer sessions and a literary panel.

— On June 11, the Road to Tara Museum in Jonesboro will feature costumed storytellers linking the history of the town with stories from the book.

In 2003 the BBC sent a reporter to the Road to Tara Museum to film for the special on “Gone with the Wind”  It was rated in the top book favorites of all time for the BBC audience.


At first we just posed with the BBC reporter and the Scarlett O’Hara look alike.
We had a little more fun with their expressions.

Today I would shoot it differently than I did in 2003.  I would want to shoot later in the day to have the lights in the house show up.  I would have more dramatic lighting by not lighting everything as evenly as I did here.

I enjoyed shooting this and remembered it when I saw the latest news about events celebrating the book this year.