Could we live in a world without rules?

The FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate tests for understanding of hazardous attitudes. They have a list of five:

  • Macho – “Let me show you what I can do!”
    • Antidote – Taking chances is foolish.
  • Impulsivity – “Do it quickly!”
    • Antidote – Not so fast. Think first.
  • Invulnerability – It won’t happen to me.”
    • Antidote – It could happen to me.
  • Resignation – “What’s the use?”
    • Antidote – I am not helpless. I can make a difference.
  • Anti-Authority – “Don’t tell me what to do!”
    • Antidote – Follow the rules. They are usually right.

There are some who will rail against rules being an affront to our freedom, and argue that they’re “there to be broken”.

Woodstock Park Roswell

Yes there are rules that are unjustified. Someone gets in power and just doesn’t like something and then since they sit on the city council create a new ordinance or law because they don’t like something their neighbor is doing.

Rules are the essence of sport, games and puzzles – even when their entire purpose is supposedly fun. But when haven’t you seen a fan lose it when their team is called off-sides.

I teach a lot of workshops around the world and the organization I work with starts each workshop going over some of the ground rules. At the end of going over each rule the leader said, “Please don’t do anything that makes us create a new rule.”

I think we would want to encourage everyone to learn the rules so that we can all enjoy flying our drones for commercial and personal enjoyment without having someone create problem that needs a new rule.

Rules, like good policing, rely on our consent. And those that don’t have our consent can become the instruments of tyranny. So perhaps the best advice is mostly to follow rules, but always to ask why. Learn why a rule was created.

I have learned a lot this past year when I jumped onto the Drone Bandwagon. Most all the rules the FAA has created only makes it safer for all of us. In addition, it helps all of us enjoy this as a hobby and as a profession.

Water tower in Roswell, Georgia