Photo Mechanic Plus

Well this past year has been a roller coaster ride for Mac users. Especially if you upgraded to Catalina.

This new operating system only works with 64 Bit programs.

When I upgraded I found out a few of my software programs didn’t work. One of them was Cumulus.

I had all my images catalogued in this software since I had gone to digital capture in 2002. I had even put most of the portfolio images of my film days into it as well.

I have about 500,000+ image in the system. Well now on the new Catalina Mac OS I no longer had this.

I was looking for something, because I wasn’t a fan of the Lightroom Library. It was slow as compared to Cumulus or Photo Mechanic.

Down on my toolbar I have both the Photo Mechanic 6 and the Plus version installed. The Plus is a Beta Version. So, it isn’t yet available without possible problems when using it.

The plus is similar look to version 6.

The left tab give you the Photo Mechanic 6 functions and the right tab gives you the Plus, which is the catalogue.

But the window below is different.

There is a search that lets you find all the images in your catalogue that you have “Scanned” into it. “Scan” they use rather than “Ingest” when referring to adding images to the catalogue. If the image is offline then there is a grey circle in the corner. You can see the image and see the IPTC, but the resolution isn’t the original file.

You can even create collections just like you can in Lightroom.

I will let you know more after I finish “Scanning” all my hard drives into the catalogue and have had time to play more with it. For now I am just adding the images to the catalogue. Stay tuned for more in the future.