Christmas Holiday Moments

Fly On The Wall

Ever heard someone say that would like to be a fly on the wall during that conversation?  This means you would like to be over hearing the conversation as if you were not there. You want the situation to be real and them not know you are there.

Being the Fly-on-the-wall is also referring to the documentary style of photography where you are working as unobtrusively as possible to capture those candid moments.

In the first photo I was able to capture the newest addition to our family. His older cousin and great aunt are entertaining him and loving his reactions.

Body Language

I just love this photo of the nieces and nephews getting measured to see who is taller while their aunt looks on.  What also makes this photo fun for me is this isn’t all that is going on, you have the youngest boy being held by his mother looking at me.

The body language tells the story that most likely happens during the holidays at many homes where the children are measured to see how much they have grown since last year.

Leaving some things out

You don’t need to see everything in a photo for it to work. Here the proud mother holding her child comes through clearly. Do you need to see all of the kid for it to work? I don’t think so. You may actually want more in the photo and if you took it you would include more. The strength sometimes by leaving something out makes you want to know what is really going on. By leaving something out you help peak the curiosity of the audience.  Keep everything in and often you loose that curiosity.


So often the small things around the holidays help tell our family story. How often does your family talk about something grandmother cooks at the holidays? Do you have photos of this to pass along in your family.

My sister makes these rainbow cookies every year and so I thought I would be sure to document this for our family history. I keep talking about gathering our family recipes and creating a book. Now just imagine this photo with a photo of the recipe card in the original family members handwriting that started the tradition. Maybe you have a photo of them as well on the page of the family book.

The Patriarch Speaks

Every year my dad likes to remind us how important family is to us. This year he read The Dash Poem by Linda Ellis. Here is a link to that poem in case you might want to make it part of your family tradition.

Crawling on the floor

Please don’t walk around the room and take all your photos from the standing position. Get down to the little ones level like I did here. What happens when you are eye level to the baby of the family. Well the last time most of us saw things from this perspective was when we were just children ourselves.

When you get down on the ground you help the audience feel like they did when they were children.

Have some fun

Here my daughter on the right with her friend are making music with Dan Cathy, the president of Chick-fil-A. He had these shakers with cow spots that are egg shaped.  During my daughter’s Christmas break she had fun with not just her friends but Dan Cathy.

Where did you go?

We decided to drive just a few miles from the grandparents house to where they filmed some of the Hunger Games.

You may recognize this photo as the baker shop.

Maybe you remember Katniss running here in this scene.

Holiday’s are about memories and here you can see my daughter is quite excited to be in front of the water falls where Katniss ran across.

How did you do with capturing your family this Christmas?