Tumaini Children’s Home, Nakuru, Kenya


Zablon Kuria, director of Rock Bridge Ministries, was commissioned by Roswell Presbyterian Church, Georgia to go back to Kenya as a missionary.
His main calling is to build a bridge between the USA churches and Kenyan churches, in order to reach out to the community with holistic gospel in areas such as medical, educations and orphans.
Zablon says, “This bridge will help the under privileged in the society like the orphans, poor and the sick whom I have a passion for. Also both countries will learn from one another and share the same God who wants us to share in His goodness, His promises and resources and at the end, eternal life in heaven. I do all these things not for prestigious purposes but because it gives me great joy and satisfaction. It also pleases the almighty God whom I glorify.”
Why sponsor a program/project

Tumaini projects cost $1.2 million. However, three years since their inception, they have operated only 47% of their targets. Sponsoring towards a project will be a step towards fulfilling the dream of creating the right environment that favors growth and sustainability for a targeted 400 orphans that they cannot take care of due to lack of adequate resources.

Every dollar you donate towards a project/program, Tumaini Children’s Home gets double. Early January 2009, they got a matching grant of $250,000. This means every dollar they get; they access another from the matching grant.

Here is the website for the ministry http://www.RockBridgeMinistries.org.
Here is Zablon talking about that gift and opportunity at Roswell Presbyterian Church on May 3, 2009.