SWPJC 2-Minute Show

This is the 20th Annual Southwestern Photojournalism Conference this week in Fort Worth, Texas.  You can read more about it here www.SWPJC.org

One of the highlights through the years is the “2-minute shows.”

Everyone’s got something to say, but can you say it in two minutes? We’d like to give you the chance to take the stage and share your vision in 120 seconds. That’s right, you’ve got just 2 minutes be it in photos (limit of six) or multimedia.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebyFDCuKmPU]This year I am using my 2-Minute Show to invite folks to Tibet with me. I would love some feedback. Give me your comments below.

We normally start at Billy Bob’s at the Fort Worth Stockyards on Thursday night with the students shooting the dancers.

I enjoy seeing my good friend Morris Abernathy each year.

Anke enjoys her friend Ashley Veneman

Louis Deluca and Garret Hubbard.  This year Garret is a keynote speaker. 

Bill Bangham as you can see is a CLOSE personal friend.  He has a show hanging in Richmond, Virginia.

Jim Veneman is the driver of the SWPJC Bus.  He helps keep us on time.

Louis Deluca, Morris Abernathy and Jim Morris are up to something as always here in the Stockyards.

OK this was the moment I decided I wanted a Nikon P7000.  Jim Veneman looked like he had left his cameras at home and then out of no where he pulls this out. 

Gary & Vivian Chapman talk with Kevin Vandivier

Garrett Hubbard is just a great guy and loves to help others by reviewing their work at the conference.


This was one of my past slide shows at the conference.  I liked it enough to keep it on my website. 
You may not be coming to Fort Worth, but take the time to create your 2-Minute Show and see if you can WOW us with your work and tell a story in the process.