Your Camera Takes Great Photos

The camera that takes great pictures

How often do you feel insulted when some says your camera takes great pictures?

The reason so many people think this is because they treat photography like a commodity. They believe it is mainly the gear that takes photos.

When you give those people a Nikon D5 they will get better photos than their camera on their phone.

The thing that makes you a professional photographer is your knowledge of how to use your photography gear.

I believe you could take on the challenge of using every piece of your gear in capturing a subject in as many different styles of photography as possible. You would be changing the depth-of-field, controlling motion with your shutter speed and pulling out your lighting gear to create so many different looks.

You could then show this to clients as to show how you can take the same subject and give them many different looks. It might be a great way to talk about how knowing more about the purpose of hiring you will help you with creating the look and feel they need from the photos you create.

So much of our business revolves around tools. We often think of our gear as our only tools, but I want you to think about other parts of your business like you do you camera gear.

Your business cards, websites, blogs, newsletters, phone calling and postcards are all tools that have a great deal in common with your camera gear.

Too often photographers treat their marketing tools like people think that our cameras take great photos.

We create a website and then wonder why we are not getting calls. We print business cards and hand them out and still no calls.

We even treat our photos the same way with clients. We just hand them the photos.

I have heard we are no longer living in the Industrial Age but rather the Information Age. The Information Age (also known as the Computer Age, Digital Age, or New Media Age) is a period in human history characterized by the shift from traditional industry that the Industrial Revolution brought through industrialization, to an economy based on information computerization.

What was the difference of being a farmer during the Agricultural Age to moving to the Industrial Age to now the Information Age?

The farmer used animals to plow the fields and also fertilize those fields during the Agricultural Age. During the Industrial Age it was about using tractors and man made fertilizer [nitrogen] to increase productivity.

What changed in the Information Age was those farmers learned how to analyze the data from their farms and improve all areas of the farming. They used computer models that took the data from satellite imaging of their fields to put different amounts of fertilizer and water on their fields to get the best yield from all of the land.

As a photographer you need to know how to use your marketing tools. You need to understand how they all work individually and how they work together. There is a best time to use each of those tools and there are also times that using a tool can do damage if not implemented correctly.

The Client

What I am discovering more and more is many clients do not know how to use their marketing tools either. They don’t know how to take a well crafted story that is a video and integrate it into their communications plan. They think maybe they show it just at a meeting or put it online or some other tactic and not really knowing what the strength of the video is compared to their business card or a brochure.

Be sure you help to educate your client on how to use your content to best leverage their audience.

Living in the Information Age is about the personalization of your services to address the needs of your clients. This is the knowledge economy we now live in.

This evolution of technology in daily life and social organization has led to the fact that the modernization of information and communication processes has become the driving force of social evolution.

We have moved into an era where photography is being used all the time. The professional photographer’s true commodity is their knowledge on how to use it and how to control it for clients.

The best way to help your clients understand how to use photography in their marketing and communications is to do a personal project that you demonstrate how this can be done. Then you have an example to show to your clients.

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